The Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning, Batam International University is a higher education faculty that was founded in 2000.With a vision as a faculty with international quality standards that produces graduates who are able to face the challenges of global change in the world who are reliable in the fields of engineering, design, and environmental development. , The Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning continuously provides technical education, analytical research, and community service that is humane based on an environmentally sound engineering, design and development approach.


The Universitas Internasional Batam’s Architecture Program is a tertiary education program established in 2018. By developing knowledge and skills, the Univeritas Internasional Batam Architecture Program is a Maritime Architecture Bachelor Program that has local culture values ​​and global competitive to support sustainable development. The focus of the Bachelor Program in Architecture at Batam International University is to provide architecture education that is dynamic and globally competitive, carrying out research that is critical, analytical, innovative, and applicable in the field of sustainable architecture in local, national and international contexts. The Architecture Bachelor Program also focuses on applying science and technology in the field of architecture that contribute positively to the environment and society and organizes a learning process that fosters the spirit of entrepreneurship. 





The UIB Architecture Program is the right choice for me. In addition to learn about architecture from lecturers and experts, I also gained various knowledge and skills from the various activities held. The lecturers are very attentive and always support all of their students. Being informed about other countries also makes our views and networks broader, so if you want to gain knowledge of architecture while exploring yourself more broadly, studying at UIB Architecture is the answer! 

Billy Shevriyanto

NPM : 1912024

I had my eyes set on Architecture since high school, so when UIB opened registration without doubt I immediately chose Architecture. Being the first generation in this department, of course there will be many things that we need to face, such as: how to fight for a good accreditation, witnessing the rise of the first Student Association of Architecture, Artution and so much more. However, these things encourage me to go on, because we are the first generation. Our of the lecturers are very friendly and we also often hold activities that always encourage our minds to be more creative. 

Elva Christina

NPM : 1912016

Teaching at UIB’s Architecture Study Program is a work as well as a dedication for me as a member and administrator of IAI Kepri. The development of the world of architecture at this time must be supported and balanced with the presence of Architecture Study Program in Higher Education. Batam City needs more Architects to build cities that have identity, character and understanding of the region. The presence of UIB Architecture Study Program will be the forerunner to the birth of the aforementioned Architect. The first generation of 36 students is sufficient for an Architecture Study Program, moreover the majority are fresh graduates from senior high school, have above average intellect and integrity to strive to become formidable architects for the future of development in Riau Islands in particular, Indonesia and even to Southeast Asia, because Batam is located at the intersection of Southeast Asia and UIB is the only International University. 

Ir. Martin Baron

IAI - Indonesian Architects Association of Riau Islands