Accredited (SK BAN-PT No. 877/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/S/II/2021)


To be an architecture bachelor program based on local wisdom with high global competition that support the sustainable development


  1. Providing dynamic and globally competitive architectural education.
  2. Organizing a learning process that fosters entrepreneurial spirit.
  3. Conducting a critical, analytical, innovative and applicable research of sustainable maritime architecture.
  4. Applying science and technology in architecture field that contributes positively to the environment and society.



Nurturing graduates competent in imagining, thinking creatively, innovating and integrating knowledge and skills in creating architectural design solutions.


Nurturing creative and innovative entrepreneurial graduates. .


Nurturing publications related to the global phenomenon of architecture in coastal and island areas in accordance with both national and international standards


Nurturing graduates retaining managerial skills and awareness in managing natural resources without forgetting to take into account the risk of natural disasters

competent Lecturer

During the learning process, students will be accompanied by lecturer who are competent and superior in their fields. They are also graduates from well-known universities in Indonesia. Let’s get acquainted with who are the lecturer in the architecture study program!



What will you learn when you join the Architecture study program? You can see all the information you need about this learning here. Come on, get to know the lesson and decide which lesson you want to master based on your interests!