Semester 1

Course Code Course Name Credits
AR001 Indroduction to Architecture 2
AR002 Design Aesthetic 2
AR003 Building Materials w
AR004 Architecture Drawing 3
AR005 Building Physics 3
AR006 Theory and History od Architecture I 3
UM99001 Religion 2
UM99005 English I 2
UM99006 Mandarin I 3

Semester 2

Course Code Course Name Credits
AR007 Architecture Design Studio I 5
AR008 Structure and Construction I 3
AR009 Mathematic 2
AR010 Engineering Mechanics 2
AR011 Building Utility I 3
AR012 Maritime Architecture and Culture 2
UM99002 Pancasila 2
UM99007 English II 2
UM99008 Mandarin II 3

Semester 3

Course Code Course Title Credit
AR013 Architecture Design Studio II 5
AR014 Structure and Construction II 3
AR009 Mathematic 2
AR015 DIgital Architecture 4
AR016 Building Utility II 3
AR017 Interior Design 3
UM99009 Leadership and Entrepreneur I 2
UM99003 Kewarganegaraan 2

Semester 4

Course Code Course Title Credit
AR018 Architecture Design Studio III 5
AR019 Structure and Construction III 3
AR020 Theory and History od Architecture II 3
AR021 Site Analyses and Design 3
AR022 Urban Design and Planning 3
AR023 Tropical and Archipelago Architecture 2
UM99010 Leadership and Entrepreneur II 2

Semester 5

Course Code Course Title Credit
AR024 Architecture Design Studio IV 5
AR025 Structure and Construction IV 3
AR026 Architecture Techology 2
AR027 Sustainable Architecture 3

Elective Course

Course Code Course Title Credit
AR035 Critics of Architecture 3
AR036 Architecture Photography 3
AR037 Conservation Architecture 3
AR038 Psychology and Ergonomy Architecture 3
AR039 Futuristic Architecture 3
AR040 Disaster Resistant Building 3
AR041 Architecture Communication 3
AR042 Building Maintenance 3
AR043 Freen Architecture 3
AR044 Housing and Residential 3
AR045 Property Management 3
AR046 Landscaoe Architecture 3