Graduate Profile

Graduate  Profile

The process of  education is given  by Universitas International  Batam  to provide  provision  of science  and  expertise  to  the graduates  to  be ready  for the world  of work. Profile  of graduates  of t he program  of study  architecture  can be  formulated  in  table  2  below

Architecture Practice

  1. Abilityto formulate concepts and transform into the form that is feasible and functional as well as implement the architectural related issues;      
  2. Having the ability to determine the use of structures and building systems that are relevant in architectural technology;
  3. Ability to mix architectural related issues into the design;      
  4. Able to design architectural designs that are in accordance with local wisdom, the nature / characteristics of users and the suitability of sustainable principles;      
  5. Having expertise in the design of architecture that characterized Architecture maritime;      
  6. Able to transform ideas, ideas, concepts into the form of design drawings and tangible manifestations in the form of buildings, furniture, parks / landscaping and the design of an area;      
  7. Mastering presentation techniques from ideas / concepts and design results;      
  8. Has science knowledge and expertise in the field of managerial, communication and negotiation to get a deal with a client.


  1. Having the ability in making policy in the field of development / construction and regional design / development;     
  2. Ability to provide solutions in precise and accurate to the problems / phenomena that occur in the field of development / construction and design / development of the region;    
  3. Have the capability of organizing and cooperation of the team, able to conduct the negotiations, communication and participation  in tender / project;     
  4. Developing skills that are owned through a knowledge of law / legal, sciences of engineering and science managerial company;     
  5. Having the ability to appraise investments in property and have a sharp analysis in determining the selling / buying property prices;     
  6. Having knowledge of the costs required in a project so that it does not cause harm to the project being carried out, can do cost / budget calculations and be able to make a budget / cost report from the project;    
  7. Able to apply the science of architecture that is owned by providing maintenance and monitoring to the building so that the age of the building, building value and safety of building users can be safely maintained;


  1. Ability to develop knowledge and the knowledge that is held for the advancement of science and technology as well as beneficial for society through research and writing are useful in academics and practitioners       
  2. Ability to develop the abilities and skills of self, can pour ideas that are owned through research / study on the level of national and international.      
  3. Have a dedication and service in the world of education by giving the teaching of retained science and knowledge.      
  4. Have knowledge of knowledge that continues to evolve and grow with the learning that is sustainable higher education.      
  5. Ability to provide guidance and guidance related to the work of the scientific and research within the scope of national and international.      


  1. Has the spirit and soul of entrepreneurship by creating the field of business of the science of architecture that is owned;      
  2. Ability to apply knowledge of architecture to the development of the region , housing and settlements with sustainable architectural norm;      
  3. Able to develop knowledge and self-potential that is owned through the provision of services while being able to independently build business networks;      
  4. Having knowledge and ability in creating attractive design presentation techniques that can be enjoyed visually so that the meaning of a work can be conveyed and has a high appreciation value.      
  5. Has innovation in developing the science of architecture to create products materials building the new corresponding advancement of technology and the materials of building sustainable;     
  6. Able to develop the science of architecture possessed in the field of industrial manufacturing production by prioritizing the principles of psychology and architectural ergonomics.